Cold turkey

Cold turkey at the market in Oaxaca Mexico

Woman at the market in Tlacalulu, Oaxaca Mexico selling live stock Turkey for your dinner.

I was not having a cold Turkey nor any turkey that day even though I like it. We had taken a bus ride from Oaxaca to Tlacalulu because the market there is one of the best in all of Oaxaca. Its less geared towards tourists and more towards the locals having better and more interesting products. The women in the Turkey street where mostly nice and smiling except one old lady that looked like she was in here 90’s. She came and banged me on the head with a broom and pointed a finger at me telling me not to take pictures. The whole street roared in laughter when they did see how surprised I was by the action of this little old lady. I just smiled and kept on going like nothing had happened and and came in no further danger of attack from old ladies with turkeys.