Woman with broom

Woman with broom in the street of San Cristobal las Casas

Woman with broom standing in the street of San Cristobal las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico

She stood there staring out into the street at nothing. Relaxing from shop cleaning somewhat in here own world even though she was in out on the sidewalk. You could see that she was following my actions from out of the corner of here eyes but she did not change her posture or crack a smile. Like a statue she was as I lifted the camera, snapped some pictures and then walked by. 

It was a gloomy day and a fine one to go on a museum visit. We visited the Jade museum and the Amber museum beside listening to some music at the square outside the jade museum. Then we strolled around in town to get to know it better. The rain season left us little bit uncertain of what to do and where to go so we wandered around town like stray dogs. 

I shot this from the hip like so many of my images in this trip trying to be not to intrusive in peoples life.